• Julie Rehme

Small Businesses You Can Support This Holiday Season

It’s the season of giving, but this year may look a little different than others. The year 2020 has brought us many trials and tribulations, especially to our small businesses. While we have all fought our own battles, small businesses have been fighting to stay afloat this year and now more than ever they need our support. So this year, why not support your favorite small businesses when shopping for those gifts for your loved ones.

We have pulled together a list of ours, and your favorite small businesses to shop, along with a few other ways you can support them this year.

Supporting Service Only Small Businesses:

Have a favorite spa, lash studio, nail salon, hair salon, restaurant etc.? You can still support them too! Treat your loved one to a gift card from your favorite small business even if they only offer services and not products. If your loved one doesn’t live in the same area as you, do some research to see what the best place is in their area and most businesses can offer an online gift certificate that you can send to your loved one.

Getting Around Shipping Delays:

Because we are so close to Christmas, there is a chance that your gift may not arrive in time. Don’t let this stop you from supporting your favorite small businesses. Print out a picture of the gift that you got them and wrap it up so they have something to open. Let them know that their gift will be arriving shortly after the holidays.

Final Thoughts:

Giving back and supporting our small businesses can make a huge difference directly to someone’s life. Don’t let shipping delays, or not being in the same area hold you back from showing your support. This year more than ever they need our help, so why not shop small?

If you own a small business or have one that you would like to share, please leave us a comment below and we will add it to our list.

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