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Should You Start Selling On Amazon?

Looking for a new way to sell products and break into a larger market? Amazon is your answer. With 89% of buyers agreeing that they are more likely to buy products from Amazon than other e-commerce sites, Amazon proves to be a very lucrative marketplace for online sellers to thrive. Whether you’re just starting out and have yet to make a sale or have an established business looking to expand your reach, Amazon provides new channels to sell products quickly and efficiently. Here’s why you should be selling on Amazon.

Amazon Offers Low-Start Up Costs

One of the biggest obstacles when starting a business is not having enough money upfront. Some businesses take upwards of $10,000 just to get things rolling! However, the opposite is true when selling on Amazon. Amazon allows businesses to begin selling with a low initial investment. Simply purchase a few basics such as a computer or smartphone, boxes, tape, a printer, and paper to get started.

Additionally, Amazon’s listing fees are relatively low. Under an individual seller account, you won’t be charged a fee until a product sells. Under a professional seller account, when you are ready to start competing with other brands, you will be charged a monthly fee of $39.99. These office supplies and gadgets are pure pocket change when compared to the out-front cost it takes most people to start a business!

Millions Of Potential Customers

Amazon is a one stop shop for online shoppers with over 310 million customer accounts. With many people turning to Amazon for the majority of their online purchases, you no longer have to worry about finding potential buyers. Creating product listings on Amazon gets your brand in front of millions of new, interested shoppers. You truly can’t beat this exposure!

Fulfillment By Amazon

What if we told you that Amazon has a system that handles the packaging, picking, and shipping of your products directly from their warehouse? Yes, you heard that right! Fulfillment By Amazon takes the hassle of packing and shipping off your plate, takes responsibility for any problems that arise during shipping such as damaged items or late shipments, and takes care of customer inquiries.

Build Trust Through Amazon

Reviews, reviews, reviews! As an Amazon seller, having positive customer feedback is extremely valuable especially for new customers “taking the plunge” and buying from you for the first time. Aren’t you more likely to purchase a product that has 20 positive reviews compared to the same product that has no reviews? Creating a trustworthy online presence allows customers to feel confident that they are going to purchase authentic products, that their credit card information is secure, and that they will not receive spam calls or emails from the seller. All in all, Amazon’s positive reputation in the eyes of buyers translates into sales.

A Level Playing Field

Lastly, Amazon offers a competitive platform for both established, big sellers, and small sellers. In fact, small sellers have all of the same opportunities as the big players! We recommend starting small with about 10-30 listed products.

Are you ready to start selling on Amazon? Become an Amazon seller today and book a call below to see how we can help elevate your brand!

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