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Let’s Talk TikTok’s Marketing Strategies With Some Of Your Favorite Brands

Are you looking for inspiration? Look no further, For The Love Of People Group has found inspiration from case studies by TikTok that we believe are changing the game. Read more about popular trends and key marketing strategies in the industry. Join us for this amazing blog post you don’t want to miss.

P.S. you are going to want to take notes and save this for later!

Madewell’s New Target Audience

Madewell wanted to reach new audiences and knew that TikTok's positive and spirited community would be a great place to experiment. After gaining insight into TikTok’s unique fashion audience and seeing the organic prevalence of Madewell's brand on the platform (815,000 views for #Madewell), Madewell decided to partner with TikTok to test the audience targeting strategies.

Madewell’s campaign outperformed benchmarks for cost per impression, clickthrough rate, cost per click, and average watch time per user. Madewell found that narrowing audiences doesn't necessarily drive up costs for traffic campaigns—which means they can continue leveraging this strategy and drive engagement at an efficient spend.

Stella McCartney's Power Of Organic Presence

Stella McCartney’s smart and creative concept, based on an existing TikTok trend: “Tell me it’s summer, without telling me it’s summer” was phenomenal. In collaboration with popular creators, this video showed classic summer activities like eating melting ice cream, squeezing limes, and wearing sunglasses – all while dressed in the Stella McCartney Summer 2021 collection.

The campaign delivered big results, pulling in more than 3,000,000 impressions and 20,000 clicks. More than 8,000 people became new followers of Stella McCartney on TikTok, leading to a better organic presence on the platform. This marketing strategy made a big impact.

Marc Jacobs’s Power Of HashTags & Influencers

Marc Jacobs launched the #PerfectAsIAm Branded Hashtag Challenge in partnership with dynamic creator Rickey Thompson, who served as an official “hype man” and offered words of praise paired with spritzes of the fragrance — all while Lizzo's "Good as Hell" played as the official soundtrack. The community was challenged to create a side-by-side duet with Ricky’s video, reacting to being spritzed while confidently showing off their personality. The brand worked with three top creators to kick off the duets with Rickey, generating a wave of views, likes, and co-creations across TikTok.

The #PerfectAsIAm Branded Hashtag Challenge surpassed TikTok beauty averages in video views, engagements, and engagement rates for the entire first half of 2020. As of March 2021, the #PerfectAsIAm HTC had 10.1 billion video views globally. A Brand Lift Study revealed the campaign drew massive lifts in both Awareness and Ad Recall.

TikTok’s case studies shared how major brands strategically utilized the TikTok platform to reach a global audience. The platform increased their views into the millions, impression rates nearly tripled and more engagement was achieved with their audience than ever before.

What all of these brands have in common is their use of authentic, organic, and user-generated content. Using an approach that is relatable, TikTok’s strategy was a fun and natural call to action that made the audience want to get involved. Empowerment and purpose were the driving messages for people to feel a part of the marketing process and to join in on building the success of each brand.


How can you apply these strategies today? For The Love Of People Group is here to help you cultivate content that is inspired by innovative trends and captures your authentic voice every time.

Book a consultation with For The Love Of People Group to build a marketing strategy you and your audience will love.


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