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How YouTube Can Increase Website Traffic

Did you know YouTube is the second most-visited website in the world? With video carousels, increased visibility, and advertising opportunities, YouTube brings serious SEO benefits to both new and existing businesses. As a marketer, there’s an incredible potential for brand growth with YouTube if the correct strategies are implemented. Here are a few ways you can drive your audience off YouTube and onto your website so they can start taking action within your business!

Optimize Your YouTube Video Title

After creating a YouTube channel, it’s important to perform keyword research on the platform itself. For example, if I am posting a video about how to apply magnetic eyelashes, I would type “How to apply magnetic eyelashes” in the YouTube search box.

Are these results relevant to your content? If so, use them as inspiration for your video title and description! Optimizing your video with the right keywords and search terms will help your video rank higher, allow your audience to better understand the content in your video, and attract the right viewers.

Always Have A Call-To-Action

This is so important! Adding a call to action at the end of your video encourages people to view your website and other social media channels. People are more likely to proceed to your website if you entice, engage, and encourage them to do so. Each of your videos must tell the viewer exactly what to do (“visit my website”), how to do it (“click the link below”), and why to do it (“get our free marketing content generator”).

We recommend adding an end screen to your videos in order to encourage viewers to subscribe, watch additional videos, and even drive traffic to your online store.

Team Up With Other YouTubers

Partnering with another YouTube user in your niche opens up a world of new viewers and potential clients. With the right collaboration, creators are able to generate trust among both brands, win new subscribers, and increase traffic to their websites. It’s a win-win.

Check out this post for tips and tricks on how to find influencers!

Give Viewers A Reason To Keep Watching

Take a moment to think. What would you want to read about after watching a tutorial or product review? What’s the next step in the viewer’s journey? Whichever resource you offer should match the content recorded in the video. Examples include downloadable templates/reports, online courses, e-books, and exclusive video content. After all, if you want viewers to head to a second location, you need to give them a good reason to do so! We recommend using FREE and exclusive content to draw traffic to your website. There’s nothing better than a free product.

If you want to start generating more website traffic, YouTube is a great place to start. Not only is YouTube another opportunity for people to discover your brand, but it offers a world of advantages that other social media sites simply do not provide.

Don’t have enough time to expand your brand onto YouTube? No worries, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate. Our team of creative professionals can create, edit, and upload videos for you. All you have to do is sit back and watch your SEO take off. Click the button below to schedule a call!

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