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How To Optimize Your Engagement On Instagram

If you aren’t engaging on Instagram, you’re doing it wrong! Finding users who will consistently like, comment, and share your content allows your business to bring in new customers and tap into an entirely untouched audience. So how can you do the same? Check out the tips below to learn more about optimizing your engagement on Instagram!

It’s Time To Build Authentic Connections

Having an engaged community is key to a successful Instagram presence. Take advantage of all that Instagram has to offer! Interact with your audience across Instagram stories, in-feed content, reels, hashtags that are relevant to your brand, and Instagram live streams. Did you know responding to comments and direct messages can increase customer advocacy by 25%? Here are some quick tips to begin building authentic connections!

1. Reply to all comments, tags, and mentions as soon as possible to keep your brand present and continue the conversation. No one wants to receive a comment response 2 weeks after the original post!

2. Create a healthy schedule to check social media 3 times per day. We suggest setting aside five minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening to generate maximum engagement. Designating 15 minutes of your day to your connections on Instagram can transform your social media outreach and customer relations exponentially!

3. Take advantage of user-generated content to build authentic connections. Highlight your customers, share your follower’s content, and share client reviews.

Fall In Love With The Instagram Story Feature

Here are a few ways you can utilize Instagram stories to your advantage:

1. Go live! Instagram sends a notification to active users that follow you every time you go live. Learn how to go live on Instagram stories.

2. Engage with your audience by using stories to tag and highlight your followers, collaborations, or content from fellow brands you love.

3. Ask your followers questions, create a poll for feedback, feature your products, link your website, and even offer a quiz! Using question stickers to hear from your audience is a great place to start.

Remember, growing your social media engagement takes time, patience, and consistency. The more you experiment with different strategies, the more results you will start to notice.

Don’t have the time to work on your brand’s engagement? For The Love Of People Group is here to help you build a strong brand voice and marketing strategy to reach new heights. Share with us how you amplify your voice on social media, inspire new audiences, and plan to build a stronger community on our latest Instagram post!

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