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How To Create A Healthy And Productive Workspace

Most people spend 40 hours or more each week working in a designated workspace. Did you know that where you work and how you maintain your personal workspace has the power to positively or negatively impact your overall health and well being? With a healthy workspace, you can generate clearer thoughts, increase efficiency, showcase professionalism, reduce stress, and increase overall productivity. Check out these helpful tips and tricks to elevate your workspace and create the atmosphere you need to thrive!

Add Plants To Your Workspace

Plants are the secret element to elevate any workspace! Not only do plants improve air quality, but they are known to reduce stress, lower the risk of sickness in the work environment, generate creativity, and increase the attention span. In fact, a recent study showed plants increase productivity by 15%, and instantly make a room more attractive and inviting.

The best plants for the office are those that are green, leafy, and easy to care for such as the snake plant, modern bamboo, and the ZZ plant. But wait! Too many plants can quickly become overwhelming. We suggest strategically spacing a few plants around your workspace on tables and shelves.

Increase The Natural Light

Studies have shown fluorescent light, most commonly found in office buildings, increases stress levels, creates an imbalance in sleep, and causes irritability. What if all these issues could be resolved by simply adding natural light? Good news… They can!

Adding natural light into the workspace increases productivity and performance, helps reduce stress, and creates energy. If your workspace is limited to natural light, try going for a walk and taking productive outdoor breaks at least twice per day.

Add Inspiration To The Mix

Looking for a way to increase motivation, efficiency, growth, and strategy? Adding a vision board, design board, or inspirational pieces may be just the answer you are looking for. We recommend adding inspiration where you often work most. Start simple with adding colors or quotes. You can even try printing out goal-oriented photos or create a design board with your team!

Keep Your Workspace Organized

Take a look around the space you work in most often. Are there papers scattered everywhere? Leftover trash from yesterday’s lunch? Or is there simply a blank desk with a computer? The more clear, precise, and organized your surroundings are, the more productive you will be. We recommend reorganizing your desk space, throwing away unneeded supplies, and creating new space for upcoming projects.

Are you ready to create your healthy and productive workspace? Whether you work from home or in an office, feeling comfortable and calm in your workspace are basic needs that contribute to your overall performance. How do you maintain a healthy workspace? Share some ideas in the comments down below!

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