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The Beginners Guide To Digital Marketing For 2020

The global tech industry is an ever changing sector. What may have worked for you few months back might not work for you now. So both individuals and businesses have to adapt to the new and fast changing trends in the market. The experts in the field of marketing may easily transform their marketing strategies to resonate with the current market trends however things don’t seem this easy if you are a beginner. If you are only a beginner in the field of digital marketing then it may be very difficult for you to adapt to the changes as quickly as you should.

Instead of implementing various digital marketing techniques that you have been following in the last few years, you should checkout the following guide to understand how updated digital marketing techniques can help your business grow in 2020. The guru of digital marketing himself Neil Patel has talked about some of the points we are going to discuss.

Video Is Still Very Important

All marketing experts know that video is a more effective marketing tool than still images. It is known to attract more engagement from the customers. In 2020 you have the option of going Live on all major platforms in the world. You should use this option to promote your business. Using Live Video option does not mean that you should shun recorded videos, you should use a combination of both. Try to use bite sized videos for the recorded videos as it will increase engagement for your website and social media profile.

Bite Sized Infographics

Bite Size content is the new normal. People don’t watching long videos or reading lengthy text. What they do like is to get a lot of information in a clear and concise manner in a very little time. Bite Size infographics help them understand the content better.

Voice Search Traffic Is Booming

2020 may be a year that has changed the way we live our lives but it has also become the year in which mobile search is going to see decline in popularity. Voice search is going to become the new most significant way of promoting your business in the 2020.This is one point that no beginner should forget.

Don’t Ignore Google Search Marketing

Google search marketing should definitely be part of your digital marketing strategy especially if you run an ecommerce store. Clients want short content with large information. Nobody wants to spend a large amount of time viewing the content. Using Google Search marketing, visitors might not even have to visit the ecommerce website to make the purchase. They can do it with the help of Google search results.

Influencer Marketing: Quantity Is Very Important

Instead of investing in one or two influencer, invest in different influencers as more the quantity the better your business reach. When you are just a beginner you might think that a single influencer may be enough for your business however that is not the case for businesses in 2020.

Have Specialized Content For VIP Customers

Make special groups and pages on different social media platform and only let your special group of customers join that closed platform. This will not only increase impressions and organic traffic for your business but it will also help you to perform target marketing towards the right people.

TikTok Marketing

TikTok is a huge deal these days. Take advantage of the popularity of the app and promote your business on TikTok as well. Try to make your own videos or collaborate with someone who is already making quality content on the platform.

Affiliate Marketing Can Still Yield Great Results

If you have been studying digital marketing then you might know what affiliate marketing is all about. It is one of the more traditional ways of digital marketing however it has proven to be very effective in the modern digital world as well.

All the digital marketing techniques mentioned above are easy and to the point. They can be easily implemented by people who don’t have any expert level knowledge in the field of digital marketing. So not only will beginners be able to market their business in a more efficient, easy and effective manner they will also be able to achieve new heights of success in their business ventures.

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