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4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Website

Being lost sucks. Whether you’re driving down an unknown road or walking through a corn maze, not knowing where you are can be quite frustrating. Website visitors feel the same way when landing on a poorly designed website. It’s critical to structure your website in an easy-to-navigate way to maintain a high SEO, keep your audience’s attention, and boost conversions. Users should be able to seamlessly find the information they are looking for or they will turn to a competitor’s site in a matter of seconds. Let’s take a look at 4 easy ways to improve the structure of your website.

1. Create a simple navigation menu.

This is so important! A simple navigation menu can make or break your website’s success. Users do not want to waste time sifting through tabs upon tabs. For example, our menu is divided into three simple categories: Home, Services, and More. Under the “More” tab, users can find additional resources such as a blog, podcast, and about us page.

2. Keep your website consistent.

No one wants to visit a jumbled website with ten themes and a crazy design format. Talk about a headache! Your website’s navigation, design, and link displays should all follow the same pattern making it easier for users to find new pages and navigate to links. Aren’t you way more inclined to stay on a website that is pleasing to the eye?

3. Use simple URLs.

No one wants to read a URL like this:!lang=ne=FrqH92j

Instead, create a short and user-friendly URL like this:

Take a look at our URL! When landing on the home page the URL reads and when clicking on the page “Services” the URL reads We suggest using a system such as WordPress to automatically create a user-friendly URL based on your business name.

4. Use competitor’s websites as a model.

There’s no foul in evaluating competitors' websites to see what works well and what drives you to leave the page. If you run an online store take a look at how major players such as Amazon structure their website. If you run a marketing firm take a look at how other agencies showcase their clients and success. You might even discover something you love and emulate it in your own website architecture!

Without question, solid website design is a major factor in retaining users and maintaining a high SEO. Try implementing these 4 easy tips on your website and watch your business grow.

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